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A Place Called Krugerdorf
by Herb Kruger


Small places in 'New Ontario' sprouted, flourished, grew and then faded away. Krugerdorf was one of them.

The development and the decline of many, in fact most, of the communities that sprang up in New Ontario in the early 1900s is evident wherever one travels throughout the north. The chosen area for this narrative about the four corners of the township's Pacaud, Catherine, Marter and Chamberlain that became a place called Krugerdorf in 1907, is one of many that could be told of the 'rise and fall' of these settlements.

Kruger believed that the days that once spawned such places are gone forever. And all we'll have left to remind us that there once was a place called Krugerdorf are our short memories. and a history such as this one.

Table of Contents

ISBN: none | 5½" x 8½"
160 pages; trade paperback | $20.00

Table of Contents


1 Chapter 1: In the Beginning

13 Chapter 2: Finders Keepers

25 Chapter 3: 'Oh...Canada'

32 Chapter 4: The Promised Land

48 Chapter 5: New Faces in New Places

68 Chapter 6: Growing Pains

88 Chapter 7: The Dirty Thirties

109 Chapter 8: Changing Places

132 Chapter 9: Myths or Mysteries

145 Chapter 10: The Good Old Days

153 Conclusion