Current Exhibits

Logging display

Our largest exhibit features a logging display filled with logging artifacts and an example of a logging camp kitchen. Logging was an important step to settlers farming in Temiskaming.The trees had to be cleared before the land could be planted. Logging displayThere was a ready market for the trees and lumber as building materials and as exports. Initially, logs were put into Lake Temiskaming and floated to the saw mills in and around Ottawa for the building industry down south. As the population in Temiskaming grew, and saw mills were built here, the lumber was used locally.

some of the featured paintings

Our displays for our 2018 season include an art room featuring paintings by local, non-famous artists with over fifty paintings on display.

examples of cursive writing

An exhibit featuring cursive writing from the 1900s and entitled Cursive Writing, A Dying Art is also a new exhibit this year. This display includes paper artifacts featuring hand-written letters, notes, legal documents, school rolls, ledgers and school board / township minutes. A separate showcase highlights a collection of ink wells and fountain pens.

New exhibits will include displays celebrating that vanishing piece of clothing The Apron and an exhibit of radios and phonographs with accessories.

A Northern Ontario Prairie circa 1920

Virtual Museum Display: A Northern Ontario Prairie circa 1910 featuring 191 photos of our farming past. Online, all year.