Claybelt Chronicles

Starting in 2006, we started interviewing our Temiskaming seniors to capture their stories and help keep the history of the area alive with as many first-hand accounts as possible. PDF Order form for download hereGo here for a comphrehensive list in alphabetical order for all those appearing in the Claybelt Chronicle volumes.

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Claybelt Chronicles Volume ONE

Volume ONE

Launched November 2009
( Index link here.)

Claybelt Chronicles Volume Two

Volume TWO
Launched May 2010
( Index link here.)

Claybelt Chronicles Volume Three

Volume THREE
Launched November 2010
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Claybelt CVhronicles Volume Four

Volume FOUR
Launched May 2011
(Index Link Here)

Claybelt Chronicles Volume Five

Volume FIVE
Launched November 2011
(Index Link here.)

Claybelt Chronicles Volume Six

Volume SIX
Launched Sept 2012
(Index Link here.)

Claybelt Chronicles Volume Seven

Volume SEVEN
Launched November 2012
(Index Link here.)

Claybelt Chronicles Volume Eight

Volume EIGHT
Launching November 2014
(Index Link here.)

The purpose of this project is to capture the lives of the early pioneer families (1880s-1950s) and some of the conditions they lived through, the troubles they had to endure, the losses and heartaches and the good times that made them survivors in the frontier wilderness of Northern Ontario.

We want to thank each one for their stories and the support and help from their families in gathering some of the facts, photographs and other pertinent information. These stories were not intended to be a full-blown family history for each person interviewed and we know that many facts and other stories were missed in the process. However, we believe that we have captured the essence of each life even though it is only an outline.

This series has been prepared from interviews with seniors who have roots in, or who have lived in, South Temiskaming most of their lives. They have direct connections with the pioneer families who first came to the area between 1880 and 1950s. Each volume will contain approximately forty interviews and includes a photo at the time of the interview or from some other source.

The interviews were done by a number of museum personnel including members of the Board of Directors and summer students. The original interviews and recordings are at the Museum for future reference.

Each volume of interviews will be indexed alphabetically by the last names, and cross-referenced with the maiden names. These maiden names will also be indexed alphabetically for easy reference. As each volume is released, the index for that volume will appear on the website for easier searching and is available at the Museum for reference.

We hope that we have captured and preserved some essence of each of these lives.