Claybelt Chronicles Volume Three

Claybelt Chronicles
Volume THREE

In 2006, we started interviewing our Temiskaming seniors to capture their stories and help keep the history of the area alive with as many first-hand accounts as possible.

Volume ONE was very successfully launched Nov 26th, 2009. Volume TWO was available when the Museum opened May 2010. Volume THREE was launched in time for the Christmas Market Nov 26, 2010.

If you would like to order one, download this PDF form and mail it in with payment, or call a Museum director at 705-647-5580 or 705-679-5555 to get your copy. They are available at the Museum's Gift Shop, open in the summer while the Museum is open, other times by appointment.

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ISBN: 978-0-986478-52-9 | 8½" x 11"
200 pages, trade paperback | $30.00

Volume Three includes the interviews from the following seniors:

Bartlett, Ronald Alfred

Bennett, Anne Beatrice (née Phillips)

Bigelow, Victor Leonard

Bowen, Francis Hewett

Bowers, Ronald

Burnett, Donald Victor Gray

Campsall, Eric Clark

Carter, Ina Ruth (née McFayden)

Doupe, Eva Eileen (née LoachBoyce)

Dunn, David Roy

Fielder, Betty Mae (née Shepherdson)

Fleming, William (Bill) Ernest

Fournier, Germaine Marguerite Albina Marie (née Bastarache)

Fowler, Donald George

Godmaire, Rolande Mariette (née Lauzon)

Grozelle, William Ronald

Hopkins, James Arden

Jibb, Alice Matilda (née Sherritt)

Johnson, Donald Albert

Labonté, Rhéal

MacKenzie, Vera Dorothy

Males, Donald Richie

Marriott, Lillian Janet (née Stewart)

McKnight, Jack Stuart

McLennan, Douglas

Miller, Alfred Douglas

Murphy, Ira Jamieson

Pearce, Freida Helen (née Decker)

Peckover, Verda Elizabeth (née Morrow)

Peters, Ralph Frederick

Plaunt, Annie Sybil (née Goddard)

Quenneville, Edna (née Duquette)

Shepherdson, Clair Francis

Shepherdson, William Gerald

Spencer, Alfred Burt

Taylor, Bruce William

Waugh, Irmgard Hildegard (née Emminghaus)

White, William George

Willard, Eleanor Phoebe (née Morrow)

Wright, Allan John