Claybelt Chronicles ~ Volume SIX

Claybelt Chronicles Vol 6

In 2006, we started interviewing our Temiskaming seniors to capture their stories and help keep the history of the area alive with as many first-hand accounts as possible.

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ISBN: 978-0-986478-55-0 | 8½" x 11"
194 pages, trade paperback | $30.00

Volume SIX includes the interviews from the following seniors:

Words of Introduction From The Editors

The Interviews Continue:

Antila, Leo Nestor

Black, Milford Charles

Bolger, Joan Mary Georgina (née Cochrane)

Brazeau, André Jean

Brazeau, Christine Ellen (née Bowen)

Carr, Doris Elaine (née Jewell)

Checkley, Spencer

Cowell, Diane Edna (née Birch)

Cowell, Don Arthur

Desjardins, Anne Marie Marguerite (née Tourigny)

Desjardins, Marion Thirza (née Burns)

Desrosiers,Eileen Isabelle (née Jelly)

Eckensviller, Evelyn Grace (née Bailey)

Edwards, Eleanor Mabel (née Borgford)

Fergusson, Stanley David

Gilboe, Thomas Herbert

Léveillé, Alice (née Rivest)

MacKenzie, Donald Jamesv

Males, Audrey Vivian (née Borgford)

McLeod, Douglas

Nickle, Mary Joyce (née Forrest) (Muir)

Nightingale, James Roy

Paoletti, Fred

Paoletti, Louise Elizabeth (née Hardy)

Peckover, Doris (née Ballard) (Goddard)

Phippen, Lyall Percy "Bun"

Potter, Philip George

Quinton, Winnifred Myrtle (née Janes)

Robert, Jean-Pierre

Rundle, Yvonne (née Ouimet)

Sansoucy, Marie Jeanine Yvette (née Laurin)

Spencer, Patricia Fae (née Tugwell)

Sutton, William James

Switzer, Harvey Warner

Taylor, Violet (née Scott)

Terry, Gertrude Bertha (née Wadge)

Villneff, Loretta Elizabeth Julia (née Russell)

Watters, Clarence "Porky"

Willard, Gordon Stanley

Williams, Margaret Jane (née Tinney) (Elliott)