Claybelt Memories Volume 2

Claybelt Memories
Stories from Past Generations
Volume 2

After the success of our Claybelt Chronicles project of interviews with seniors of the area, we started to realize that we had missed some of the stories of the previous generations. Although many of them had passed on, fortunately some of them had written memoirs which were generously shared with us by their families.

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In addition, starting in 1992 the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum had interviewed several seniors and their stories have also been included in this book. The lives of some had been documented by family members, an organization, or the Temiskaming Speaker. Still others were found in the Women's Institutes Tweedsmuir histories.

This book is a collection of some of these stories. Our thanks go to the many authors for helping us to capture this past for future generations.

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Stories from this book include


1879 Canoe Brigade to Fort Temiscamingue

Bateson Family

Cook, Milford Francis

Drummond, William Henry

Dunning, Dr. Herbert

Fillingham, Frank and Mary (née Johnston)

Gray Family

Holmes, Alfred Mathew

Hutchinson, Rowan Theodore

Johnson, Robert William

McDonald, Christena (Christene) (née McFarlane)

McKenzie, Wellington Pringle

McKnight Story

Newton Family of Milberta

Pacey, Lorne

Paiement, Wilfrid

Rice, Muriel Ethel

Sharp, Professor John

Sketches of Early New Liskeard Settlers - Gallery of Notables -1904

Mr. Donald McCosh

Mr. Frank Haynes

Mr. George Weaver

Mr. W. H. Carruthers

Mr. C. C. Farr

Mr. A. N. Morgan

Mr. A. A. McKelvie

Mr. D. T. K. McEwen

Mr. K. Farah

Mr. John Armstrong

Mr. Henry Hartman

Dr. J. M. Young

Mr. James Matthews

Mr. C. B. Taylor

Dr. A. V. Summers

Mr. R. G. Zahalan

Sumbler, John Henry

Sutcliffe, Homer Wilson

The Syrians in Pioneer New Liskeard

Taylor, William A.

Temiskaming Speaker Editors